Export_png broken in Bokeh 1.3.0?

I have been using export_png (and export_svgs) a lot lately and everything worked like a charm until I updated to Bokeh 1.3.0.

Running the following example returns these errors:

WARNING:bokeh.io.export:There were browser warnings and/or errors that may have affected your export
WARNING:bokeh.io.export:ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Set
import numpy as np

import bokeh.plotting as bp
from bokeh.io import export_png, export_svgs

x = np.linspace(0, 2)
y = np.sqrt(x)

fig = bp.figure(width=700, height=300)
fig.circle(x, y)

export_png(fig, "test.png")

Anyone else having issues with export_png since Bokeh 1.3.0?

(Under 1.2.0 the same script returns no error.)


This is definitely a bug. Please fie an issue on GitHub with all this information. Not sure what happened, as we do have tests that generate export_png output and they are not failing / were not failing at release time.

What about svgs? Does it work correctly?

SVG export was also affected. They just released a hot fix (v1.3.1) that fixes the issue.

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Thanks for confirmation