External legend for an image


what is the way to create an external legend for an image?
Is interactive legend possible for this image ?


Do you mean an image or image_rgba glyph? If so, that is not supported, and it’s not even clear what it could mean. Legends are intended to show representative points, e.g. if you have blue and green scatter points or bars, you can pick a single blue and single green representation for the legend to represent all the blue things, and all the things points. But there is no generic way to pick a “representative part” of an image.

If you mean for image_url, because you are using those for scatter plots, then that could make more sense, but is also not currently supported. (If this is what you mean, please feel free to open a feature request on GitHub).

Is what you are are you actually after a way to hide an image glyph? If so there is no way to do that with a legend and I don’t expect there ever will be. But glyph renderers have a .visible property you could could turn on and off from a button click or other UI event.