Extra DataTable column appearing on resize


When I set up a DataTable it looks as expected until I zoom in or out in the browser, when an additional first column appears with integer row numbering. I’m using Firefox in case that’s relevant. Code below with a screen capture following a zoom. Note - in some applications the additional column appears even without zooming in. I don’t want the column to appear at all - any ideas on how to suppress it would be appreciated.


from bokeh.models.widgets.tables import DataTable, TableColumn
from bokeh.models.layouts import WidgetBox
from bokeh.models.sources import ColumnDataSource
from bokeh.plotting import show
from collections import OrderedDict

cols = [TableColumn(title=‘x’),TableColumn(title=‘y’)]

od = OrderedDict()
od[‘x’] = [1,2,3]
od[‘y’] = [10,20,30]
src = ColumnDataSource(od)

cols =
for v in iter(od): cols.append(TableColumn(title = v,field = v))

t = DataTable(source = src,columns = cols)