Feature to reduce/prevent collisions?

I have a simple scatter/barplot overlay and was wondering if there was a way (other than just upping the jitter area) to minimize the rate of collisions of the dots? In case it’s not clear the x value is categorical while the y value is not.
Code snippet:

pnew.scatter(x=jitter('Location_alone', 0.1), y='Weight', color='black',
            source=source_2,alpha=.6, marker='circle', size=9)
pnew.vbar(x='Location_alone', top='for_vbar', alpha=0.3, width=0.131, 
          source=source_3, color='Color')

Assuming the y-values are significant and cannot also be jittered (seems to be the case here) then AFAICT the only way to reduce collisions is to make horizontal more room for the dots to occupy. (That’s just true in general, independent of Bokeh)

Ok! Thanks for info.