Feedback for Community Code

Hi all,

One of the things we would like to accomplish in the not-too-distant future is to become a NumFocus sponsored project. A prerequisite for that (and also just a generally good idea) is to codify the community standards. There is a draft Code of Conduct (CoC) that has been written, that I would like to formally adopt coincident with the upcoming 0.12.5 release.

I'm message is to solicit any feedback on the document before the BEP changed to "accepted".

Also, make no mistake, the Bokeh community is and has been amazing. The document is not a prescription for kindness, empathy, and generosity, but a reflection of those things already on display in our community.

The GitHub issue is here:

And perhaps more useful, the actual proposed text is here:

Please feel free to leave any comments or concerns on the GitHub issue.

Thanks as always,