FileInput Error

I am creating a typical Bokeh server application that uses the FileInput() widget.

For small enough files, the callback works as expected. For a file around 32 Mb or so, the websocket disconnects before the call back is handled and the browser states the file was too big.

Is there a known technique in Bokeh to get around the problem?

See bokeh serve --help. You may need to tweak these for your application:

--websocket-max-message-size BYTES
    Set the Tornado websocket_max_message_size value (default: 20MB)
--websocket-compression-level LEVEL
    Set the Tornado WebSocket compression_level
--websocket-compression-mem-level LEVEL
    Set the Tornado WebSocket compression mem_level
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Thanks. This solved my issue.

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Work in progress but your quick tip enabled this to finally work out …

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