Fine tuning of Bokeh sliders for mobile usability

Hello Community,

I am fine tuning a Bokeh web application that we managed to make somewhat responsive and render rather acceptably on mobile devices. One thing that would represent a big usability improvement would be the ability to customize:

  • slider height, including the actionable area
  • slider title font size

The current sliders work fine on mobile but they require considerable thumb precision.

I am attaching a screenshot of the intended effect.

Thank you.


I agree that would be a much better UX on mobile. Currently the slider height is not a configurable property. I think at present the only potential routes are:

  • Add custom stylesheets that targets this Bokeh slider CSS. There is some risk here if you wlll be updating Bokeh version (e.g. of something about the internals changes in the future, the custom CSS may also need to change)
  • Create a custom extension to wrap a different slider widget (there’s an example with Ion range slider here: Extending Bokeh — Bokeh 2.4.2 Documentation)

Please submit a GitHub Issue about this, though (especially include the compelling images) since I think this is a reasonable ask.

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Thanks for the support, Bryan.

Here is the issue:


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