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Hello all,

I have issue wit Bojeh, tool FullScreen using Edge or Chrome. It semms that chart is put in one pixel l in left top corner. On Firefox it works correct.

Thank you

Jan Vasko

@VASKOTechDesign You need to provide quite a bit more information:

There’s nothing we can concretely speculate on without more information.

Hello Bryan,

so here is a detail I recorded both operation on video (this happen for any kind of chart):

Edge: - YouTube
FireFox: - YouTube

I hope this will help you to identify issue.

best regards


@VASKOTechDesignthat only confirms an issue and that we can see it how you see it. To actually investigate and work on this we need to be able to run and reproduce the issue by running code, so we need all the other things as well:

Since this just seems like a bug, I would also ask that you provide everything on a GitHub Issue rather than here.

This is a regression. Fixed in Fix `FullscreenTool` in Chromium and WebKit based browsers by mattpap · Pull Request #12889 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub.

@mateusz: thank you for hint. I think this will looks a little bit silly but how Im able to integrate this to my side? I just installed Bokeh via “pip install bokeh” (Update it?)

@Bryan: sorry for not providing all of information.
Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise
Version: 21H2
OS build: 19044.2604

Microsoft Edge:
Version: 110.0.1587.57 (Official build) (64-bit)

Version: 3.0.3

You will have to wait for bokeh 3.1, which should be released next week. Also note that FullscreenTool isn’t fully implemented yet (see Bokeh "expand to fullscreen" for demonstration purposes. · Issue #3598 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub), so it’s expected to work only in simple cases.

Thank you, I will wait and see result.



I can confirm that Bokeh fullscreen works in edge PC and mobile for 3.1.0 version

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