Future of the DataCube Widget


I have to deal with hiracical/nested Data, witch i have to show or to edit.
An example would be an nested dict of 15filenames–>3table Elements per File → Boolean Active Field.
An DataCube would be an nice option to show the structure and a low the user to edit it, since an CheckBox Editor and CheckBox Formatter are available.
But i don’t find any good example for the advanced usage of the DataCube do someone of you know an project where it is used?
And i found this post on GitHub [BUG] DataCube not respecting 'target' arg on initial creation · Issue #10706 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub
where @Bryan mentioned the possible deprication of the DataCube but this was over two years ago. So i wonder what the actual status is.

best regards and many thanks in advance Bene

I can’t really say anything concrete about its future. The original contributor who added it seems long gone, and I am not aware of anyone especially keen to put much effort into it beyond a minimal not-breaking-the-build level of attention. Personally, I would still vote to just deprecate and remove it for lack of a maintainer.

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