Getting involved with Bokeh dev

Hi all,

As interest in Bokeh grows, there is only more and more need to fix bugs/issues, as well as move forward on new features. Attracting more contributors is a big personal goal of mine for 2015. However, Bokeh has grown into a fairly large project, so approaching it might seem daunting at first. To help anyone potentially interested in contributing, we have added a new "tag: starter" label to GH and made a first pass at labeling some issues with this tag:"tag%3A+starter"

These are not necessarily meant to be trivial tasks, but they should all hopefully be fairly self-contained in the codebase, as well as tasks that we can efficiently explain/describe to folks new to the Bokeh codebase. Hopefully working through one would make for a good introduction to Bokeh codebase and dev process.

So, if you have been looking for an OSS project to join, or are interested pitching in to Bokeh in particular, check out the list and let us know if you want to help out!