Gmap.image_url glyphs cannot be selected?


we plotted some circles via and had some logic based on whether a circle has been clicked / selected. We then introduced our own custom icons and plotted them via gmap.image_url replacing but it seems like the click / selection doesn’t work on these. Is this expected or should it work? If it should be working I can provide a MWE.



Certain things like hover tools do not work for image_url objects of a plot, and as the GMap version you are using is a subclass of Plot, I suspect similar limitations exist with it and other hit-test behaviors.

In the past when I needed a feature that was not available via ImageURL, I plotted co-located images with overlaid elementary glyphs like a circle. Then set the alpha attributes of the elementary glyph to 0.0 so that they are transparent to the user but allow interactive behaviors to seem associated with the images.

Thank you. The workaround you described is also what we do right now and it works fine.

FYI which glyphs support which kinds of hit-testing is documented here:

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