Google Group Archive


It seems that I can’t access the old Bokeh Google Group anymore. I suspect that this forum is the replacement. Is there any way to access the archive of the Google Group? There are some helpful topics that I find through Google search but I can’t access them in any way.

Thanks in advance!

@YMRTN The old google group is still available read-only online at the same location:!forum/bokeh

However, as part of setting up this Discourse, all content from that group was imported here. Every post from the old group can be found here, and is also searchable through the search function at the top of the page. I personally think, for this particular content, that the site-specific search here is now much more powerful than a generic Google search.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks, I’ll use this group then.

FYI, I get the following notification when trying the Google Group archive


@YMRTN I am not sure why you would see that message. I just tried the link above in an incognito browser window, not logged in, and can access the archived group without issue. The current permissions indicate that anyone should be able to view:

@YMRTN I guess it’s because you’re logged into a different gmail account, which didn’t signup for the group. Switch to the google account that had previously used to access the group. Solved the same problem for me.

Small update: another user had issues and reported them on Gitter. I confirmed that the group was not accessible incognito on Chrome. I made some changes and now it appears to be as expected. Apparently the “Group Directory” cannot be locked down :man_shrugging: