Graphical Theme Builder

I’ve made a fairly basic tool for creating theme files for bokeh. There is lots of room for improvement, but it gets the basic job done.

You can run it from heroku or see the code at
the github repo

Here is a theme for valentines day:



I just tried to double-like your post because of the Valentine’s day theme addition. This is great and super handy. Thanks so much!

This is really fantastic. We should figure out how to get some of these things in the project repo. (Sorry I have not responded earlier about that). That could take lots of forms:

  • standalone examples
  • narrative documentation sections
  • additions to tutorials
  • actual new API features

We have just started a Zulip chat instance to support dev-related chat, please feel free to drop in and start a topic about this: (or we can also discuss here or on a GH issue)

I went ahead and created an account on zulipchat. I will create a topic there. Thanks!