Greetings, First Post, and a Q about colors in the tutorial

I am working my way through the first steps tutorial, and things are going fine. However, on the first multiple glyphs exercise, where the circle is introduced, the instructions change the line color to yellow, but the sample image has green circles. I assumed this was just a typo, so was very surprised when my circles came up green, too. What’s going on here? Thanks.

Well, ok, ‘belay that order’. In the very next lesson we get fill color and fill alpha, and all is as it should be. You might want to add an explainer to that part of the lesson, or reword it so folks like me aren’t thrown by it. Other than that, having a lot of fun learning. TONS better than either matplotlib or altair.

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cc @Timo re: comments above

@malikarumi Congratulations on your first post here and thank you for sharing your observation. I have opened Clarify use of color in first steps guide by tcmetzger · Pull Request #11761 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub to clarify things!

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