Grid options

I’m working on a dashboard which monitors input/output error. The ratio of correct data is 1:1 with a min/max range of about (10,300). Common examples will be (20,100) or (20,150) range, but I can also have the higher end of 300. Here are a few examples:

[Note. I added the red boxes with an editor to emphasize the grid proportions and scale; this is not in the plot]

To make the plot easier to interpret, I wish to add a grid background with distinct color every 10 units. The grid should maintain the same square proportions, but the scale can change with the data.

I’ve tried FixedTicker(), but I lose the auto-scaling.

xgrid.grid_line_color is Ok, and it’s what you seen in the example, but the proportions are not maintained, it’s not marked out in units of 10, and I can’t seem to get any minor graph lines (for values between 10).

Appreciate any suggestions.

It sounds like you want SingleIntervalTicker. It’s not clear to me what the “maintain proportions” means. If you mean you always want a 1-1 aspect ratio then you should pass match_aspect=True to figure.