Gridplot sizing_mode does not work with 3.x

This code used to work in 2.4.3, displaying two plots, one above the other, stretched to maximum width:

import bokeh.plotting as bp
import bokeh.layouts as bl

p1 = bp.figure(height=200, width=300)
p1.line([1,2], [3,4])

p2 = bp.figure(height=200, width=300)
p2.line([1,3], [2,4])[[p1], [p2]], sizing_mode='stretch_width'))

Now it doesn’t:

This has been fixed. If I use the Bokeh 3.1 release candidate (via conda install -c "bokeh/label/dev" bokeh) I obtain

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Adding that Bokeh 3.1 should be released later this week (possibly tomorrow)

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