GRIMER: Offline dashboard to analyse microbiome data

Hi all,

I would like to share my latest project named GRIMER, which was fully based on the awesome bokeh library. GRIMER analyses table of measurements from microbiome DNA analysis and creates a custom report/dashboard as an output.

The goal was to create an interactive and offline report/dashboard that can easily be sent by e-mail or shared. The report has several plots and interactions which are useful to understand composition of samples and detect contamination in microbiome studies.

It was a challenge to make it fully offline but a pleasure to work with bokeh and such a nice community support here. A big thanks for making that possible.

Here’s an example of a GRIMER report/dashboard: GRIMER - Placenta Study WGS

An more links:

Code: GitHub - pirovc/grimer
More examples: grimer-reports
Publication: Contamination detection and microbiome exploration with GRIMER | bioRxiv


Hi @pirovc ,

These are wonderful! I’m so glad you shared-- I think these will be a resource and an inspiration to others working on dashboard projects.

I’d like to put out a @bokeh tweet about them, if that’s alright with you-- do you have a twitter handle I should tag?

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Thanks! sure that’s alright with me. You can tag me at

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Great work, data and plots are very well presented.

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