GSOC 2016 / Bokeh Project

Hi all,

The Bokeh team is now looking for a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) student to help with developing features for the core library.

The principal goals of Bokeh are to provide capability to both developers and domain experts: easily create and share interactive, versatile, and powerful visualizations that extract insight from data sets that may be remote, large, or streaming. Bokeh provides a compelling open-source visualization platform for scientists who want to create interactive data applications in the browser for themselves, their colleagues, or for a wider audience

Bokeh Project:

Gallery and Goodies

GitHub Repository:

GSOC 2016 Ideas page:

Interested candidates should contact the team on mailing list (!forum/bokeh) or the Gitter chat channel ( to discuss projects and proposals.


Bryan Van de Ven
Continuum Analytics

Hello Bryan,

I am Wasim Thabraze, a Computer Science Undergraduate. I have thoroughly gone through the Bokeh project and it’s quite interesting. I’m really interested in this project. Currently I’m going through the project ideas and the developer guide. I’ll soon stick to one of the awesome ideas listed and would like to discuss about it with you.

You can find my GitHub profile at . I’m good at building stuff using Python and Javascript. Also you can find my portfolio at

Thank You