Heads up: 0.12 Release Candidate on Monday

Hi all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we should have a 0.12 Release Candidate available (sometime) on Monday. We'll then spend the rest of the week working on final testing, docs, examples, and release related media. This has ended up being a longer than normal release cycle, and an much larger than normal changeset. All of that should add up to a great leap in capability, but also means we need to go a bit extra for testing. Anyone who has the ability to check out the RC next week, please make a point to report back here or the issue tracker with any questions or problems. Also, if anyone is interested to help in a more involved way, we can always use extra people working the test matrix (we'll make a public gdoc for any volunteers).

It's also worth mentioning: the 0.12.x series is intended to be the last 0.x series before a 1.0 release. We may smooth out any 0.12 kinks with some additional micro releases, but the next major release will be 1.0, and the entire effort focus will be on locking down all APIs, protocols, and configurations with automation, to confidently implement semantic versioning going forward. That's not to say Bokeh will be "done" by any means, just that we are satisfied that the foundation is solid enough to make those kinds of guarantees.

Thanks as always for all the interest, enthusiasm, and support,