Heatmap with Holoview

I am trying to reproduce a heatmap I did with a previous version of Bokeh. This script used bokeh.charts, that was pretty short: https://github.com/Serulab/Py4Bio/blob/master/code/ch14/heatmap.py
It produced this graphic:

I am trying to produce the same plot using Holoview, so far I made this code (https://gist.github.com/sbassi/a662e2b1ded0d1f452bf8b99545244d2) that produces this plot:

check here:
github DOT com/Serulab/Py4Bio/blob/master/samples/bokeh_plot%20(3).png

(I can’t upload the plot here since I am still flagged as a new user and the site allows me to upload only one image per post, also I can put only two link in the post, this is the 3rd, so I feel like a spammer trying to bypass the filter)

I wonder what I am doing wrong since I can’t reproduce the original plot.