Help building changes in autocompletion and verifying it

I tried some changes to autocompletion.ts file in bokeh source code and then build it. upon using this code
I get a warning as Warning: Requesting CDN BokehJS version '2.0.1' from Bokeh development version '2.0.1-44-g89e9a35d3-dirty'. This configuration is unsupported and may not work!
and my autocompletion doesn’t work as expected.

This is the change made to autocompletion source code
any help on how to test this would be highly appreciated

Given the warning, it seems that your page requests BokehJS from CDN. So it doesn’t actually use your customized version.
Try playing with the values of the BOKEH_RESOURCES environment variable or with the resources setting:

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BOKEH_RESOURCES=inline helps.