Hover tooltip timesies seems to interpolate values

I’m plotting multiple timeseries of the same variable. I have one measurement each day and plot it as a line. When there is a steep increase or decrease, the tooltip shows multiple values for one day. I assume bokeh is preforming an interpolation.
I would like the tooltip to only show the measured value, i.e. the one in ColumnDataSource

@loreVanhooren The hover tool does not interpolate CDS values. It will only ever interpolate coordinates, and only for lines, and only when explicitly asked for. However, in case there are multiple hit-testing results, the hover tool will currently alwasy raise a tooltip for every one. It sounds like maybe that is what you are seeing, but it is impossible to say anything for certain because you have not provided nearly enough information.

When seeking support for any open source project, it always advised to provide: all relevant packages versions, screen shots or captures if applicable, and most, critically importantly: a complete Minimal Reproducible Example that can actually be run and investigated directly.

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