Hover tooltip to be shown only for visible parts of the glyph

Hi guys,

Is there a way to make the hover tooltip only visible when I hover over a visible part of a given glyph? For now, even if I hover over a part which is hidden by another glyph the tooltip still displays which I don’t want. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I’m afraid there is not any good solution for this use case at present. The hover tools hit tests against every renderer it is configured for (defaults to all gyphs) and displays tooltips for every hit. You would have to update the .renderers of the tool to exclude the glyph renderer you do not want to display (and then no tooltips would appear for that glyph anywhere).

There are some relevant open issues I hope to be able to prioritize somewhat soon that would help in situations like this:

Thanks for this!
Would be very helpful if you could point to some examples of how to update the .renderers