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Hi Bokeh Community

I’m developing in Panel but as it stands on the shoulders of Bokeh I thought it would be meaningfull to post this here.

It’s a cross post from


I’m very interested in enabling that domain experts like engineers, analysts and scientist can create awesome analytics tools and apps.

In order to help lower the friction and improve the functionality I’ve created I can see that it has actually helped a lot of people. Now I’m looking into Panel and I’m working on

Feel free to checkout the app at and the repo at

If you have ideas and suggestions for improvements feel free to create an issue or pull request.

The status is that I’ve created the basic functionality but have not added a lot of example apps. My plan is to include apps similar to the ones I’ve created in the Gallery at and some apps that I have seen on the web that can be used to get a feel for how Panel compares to Streamlit, Bokeh, Voila and Dash.

One issue that I’ve immediately noticed is that the home page loads quite a few resources, some of them are inlined in the HTML. It makes the initial page load rather slow.
Apart from that, great job! :+1:

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