How can I prevent the grid lines from going outside the fixed_location axis?

I used fixed_location axes in a categorical plot. The grid lines go beyond the fixed axes. Is it possible to prevent that?

from bokeh.plotting import figure, show

categories = [‘A’, ‘B’,‘C’ ]

p = figure(y_range=categories), x=[4, 6, 5], size=20)

p.xaxis.fixed_location = 0.5
p.xaxis.bounds =(4,7)

p.yaxis.fixed_location= 4
p.yaxis.bounds = (0.499,3)


I think it’s not possible currently, but it’s easy to allow this (Add support for cross bounds to grid lines by mattpap · Pull Request #12244 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub).

Thank you.

My workaround meantime is to hide the grid lines and use line to draw custom grid lines.