How do I create bokeh extension which includes a stackline?

I have started to create a statscard as bokeh extension.


The goal is to be able to efficiently stream to maybe 50 of these in a page using Bokeh/ Panel.

I’m now stuck because I don’t know how I can “add” a plot like below. I’ve really tried searching the bokeh docs, bokeh discourse, Bokeh github and just google. But without luck.

I would be grateful if I could be pointed in the right direction with a small snippet of code or a link to a working example. Thanks.

// See
import { HTMLBox, HTMLBoxView } from "@bokehjs/models/layouts/html_box"
import { Plot } from "@bokehjs/models/plots/plot"
import { add_document_standalone } from "@bokehjs/embed"

// See
import * as p from "@bokehjs/core/properties"

// The view of the Bokeh extension/ HTML element
// Here you can define how to render the model as well as react to model changes or View events.
export class StatsCardView extends HTMLBoxView {
    model: StatsCard

    connect_signals(): void {

        this.connect(, () => {

    render(): void {
        this.el.innerHTML = "<div></div>"
        const div = this.el.firstChild
        const plot = new Plot({
                title: "BokehJS Plot",
                plot_width: 400,
                plot_height: 400,
                background_fill_color: "#F2F2F7"
        add_document_standalone(div, plot)
        show(div, plot)


export namespace StatsCard {
    export type Attrs = p.AttrsOf<Props>
    export type Props = HTMLBox.Props & {
        data: p.Property<number>,

export interface StatsCard extends StatsCard.Attrs { }

// The Bokeh .ts model corresponding to the Bokeh .py model
export class StatsCard extends HTMLBox {
    properties: StatsCard.Props

    constructor(attrs?: Partial<StatsCard.Attrs>) {

    static __module__ = "panel.models.stats_card"

    static init_StatsCard(): void {
        this.prototype.default_view = StatsCardView;

            data: [p.Int, 0],
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Any suggestions?

Typically from my experiences, accessing the DOM (this.el.firstChild), TS may not know what type firstChild is. From the looks of those red squiggly lines, you may need to explictly cast firstChild using as. Such as: this.el.firstChild as Document. Document is defined here, and usage for add_document_standalone can be seen here.

I hope that helps.

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I figured it out with the help of @Philipp_Rudiger. Thanks.

Adding the lines 43 and 44 renders the plot


ps. I think my use case is not described any where. Creating a custom component containing a combination of html and bokeh models. Not using the Bokeh python api or the Bokeh js api. But using the Bokeh models directly.

There is currently a big gap in bokehjs’ API between show() and very low-level build_view(), etc. This issue is tracked in

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