How do I upgrade bokehjs in a Bokeh Extensions Repository/ Package


I would like to update my package awesome-panel-extensions in preparation for the upcoming panel 0.10 release.

The awesome-panel-extensions package is also a bokeh extensions package created via bokeh init --interactive. In order to use Bokeh in the extension in the same way as Panel does I did the below changes

Now I’m trying to upgrade @bokeh. I tried running

npm update bokehjs
npm update @bokehjs --save
npm update @bokeh --save
npm update -g

(I’m not normally using npm so I just experimenting here).

But nothing happens. My package-lock.json still looks like

and the package.json of the installed @bokeh package

Any help is appriciated. Thanks.

Try using npm update @bokeh/bokehjs.

I tried it without success

$ npm update @bokeh/bokehjs

Solved. I found a moment of inspiration. I should NOT run the command from the root of my repository but from the root of the awesome_panel_extensions subfolder.

$ npm update @bokeh/bokehjs --save
+ @bokeh/[email protected]
removed 1 package, updated 7 packages and audited 41 packages in 8.992s
found 0 vulnerabilities


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@MarcSkovMadsen glad you figured things out if there is somewhere in the docs we can be more clear about this please open an issue!

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