How do you treat little cleanup items?

So, I’m working on #9086 and I came across a comment that is no longer factually true at

I say it’s not factually true anymore because there is now a _set_title() that registers an event.

Do you prefer:

  1. Just delete the comment in my PR for the unrelated favicon support?
    • This is a personal pet peeve of mine in PR’s because it obfuscates what’s really being done. Especially if the little cleanups get out of hand.
  2. Create a whole separate issue for removing this one comment?
    • I could see how this might annoy people or look like I’m trying to inflate my contribs.
  3. Just submit a PR for this alone? I know that breaks the every PR needs an issue rule.

This is honestly up to you. Any of those three are fine. We definitely have combined “issue PRs” especially when things are super busy, or some fire comes up. I’m personally OK with unrelated “code gardening” in PRs but that’s because I mostly want to do accomplish more, in fewer PRs, at this point in my life.

OK. I’ll just take care of things like this if I only see one or two and if it ends up being big, I’ll submit something separate. Thanks!