How to access particular values from a data frame and push it onto another data frame

Hello everyone, I’m trying to get particular values from “data” and add specific values onto “data1” data frame using my callback function. I then plan on using this as the data source for another call back function which will do the actual plotting. However I’m not sure whether I have the JS syntax correct or not, would appreciate it if someone could help me out.

callbackrs = CustomJS(args={'data_source': data_source, 'data_source_1': data_source_1}, code="""
    new_data_obj =
    var year_range = cb_obj.value
    var data =
    var data1 =
    var target_column = data['Year']
    const year_length = data['Year'].length
    for (let i = 0; i < year_length; i++) {
        if (target_column[i] <= year_range[1] and target_column[i] >= year_range[1]) {
        /* only add data if specific condition is satified */
        /* Adding values from data (big data frame) to data1 temporary data frame used for input for
        another call back function so that values can be updated dynamically via range slider*/ 
        /* Here i'm trying to add the value for 'Country' on the i-th row of the big data frame
            data1['Country'] += data['Country'][i]
            data1['Year'] += target_column[i]
            data1['Birth rate/1000'] += data['Birth rate/1000'][i]
            data1['Death rate/1000'] += data['Death rate/1000'][i]
            data1['Population(millions)'] += data['Population(millions)'][i]
            data1['Net population increase/1000'] += data['Net population increase/1000'][i]
# Define parameters for range slider
range_slider = RangeSlider(title='Year', start=1950, end=2021, step=1, value=(1950, 2021))

In this case I’m just trying to add one value at a time but I’m open to suggestions on whether there’s anyways to push an entire row of data into “data1” if thats possible since that would most likely be more convenient.

Logic seems fine to me, but in general it’s better to populate the .data as an object completely, then assign it to the at the very end.

So something like:

var data =
var update_data = {col1:[],col2:[]...} //initialize data object with empty lists and all the columns you'll want it to have
for (let i=0; i<year_length;i++){
	if (target_column[i] <= year_range[1] and target_column[i] >= year_range[1]) {
		//iterate through your update_data object
		for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(update_data)) {

// then assign update_data as the second data source's data = update_data

The only other thing I’ll mention is that unless your use case is more complex than presented here, creating a CustomJSFilter and having the second table use a CDSView applying that filter is another potentially easier to implement setup because it eliminates the need for a second source.

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