How to add a nice title to multiplot?

Any simple way to add backgroud and center title ?
The pic is ugly under dark jupyter .


All of the information you are looking for is described in the Styling Visual Attributes chapter of the User’s Guide:

p.title.text_color = "white"
p.border_fill_color = "black"
p.background_fill_color = "black"

Title alignment is not there, but is in the reference guide for Title or examples in the repository:

p.title.align = "center"

If you’d like to add a subsection in that User’s Guide chapter about title alignment, a PR would certainly be appreciated.

Actually the question is vague. If you are asking about the Div used as a “title” than that is a DOM element and not part of the plot. You would have to style it with standard CSS. The simplest way is probably to enclose another <div> inside with inline CSS. Otherwise you have to find a way to load some CSS stylesheet into Jupyter and I am not sure how/if that is possible.