How to contribute documentation?

What’s the best way to contribute a tile provider demo bokeh serve script?

This screenshot shows a demo of all tile providers including the recently contributed OSM, WIKIMEDIA, and ESRI_IMAGERY map providers in


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@comperem Since this isn’t specifically demonstrating a Bokeh Server capability, per se, my first suggestion would be to convert it to a standalone version (e.g. with output_file and show) and then it could go in the examples/plotting/file directory. I might also suggest re-centering it above a different non-political location.

Ok @Bryan, I’ve updated the to use output_file() and show() and have moved the lat/lon coordinates to a more neutral location.

I don’t think the State Capital of Texas is as much political as it is governmental. But, not everyone is aligned to thinking Texas is the best state in the Union. I certainly am :rofl: :joy: :rofl:.

But your comments have surfaced an interesting issue. When dealing with tile providers and geographic locations, it’s somewhat challenging to select a broadly acceptable and neutral location to show. Any location on the planet, except perhaps the North and South poles is going to be associated with a particular country or government. Switzerland is as neutral as it gets but even then, there are issues.

So, I selected a location with the closest, widely-known affiliation with latitude and longitude.

I have very little preference, actually, and don’t mind changing. I even looked for an overhead view of ESRI, perhaps E-S-R-I spelled on their lawn but didn’t find it. ESRI is one of the most generous corporate sponsors of open-source GIS and global imagery data and would like to give them public credit.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is known and used in GIS and time communities around the world.

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How about the UT Austin campus, or Downtown Austin?