How to create a plot with stacked timeseries and shared x-axis and shared range slider?

I am considering moving from the Plotly ecosystem to Bokeh/Holoviews but one requirement is that it should be possible to plot several time series in “stacked” view, where all the time series share the x-axis, and a range slider, but have their own y-axis.

Here is an image that illustrates what this looks like:

Is it possible to do this?

I would need to be able to have this plot interact with the bokeh/panel server so that a callback gets invoked whenever the plot is scrolled/zoomed or whenever a range is selected.

Hi @johann-petrak linked-ranges are accomplished by sharing range objects between multiple plots, there is a section in the docs dedicated to this topic:

Linked behavior — Bokeh 3.0.3 Documentation

To add in a RangeTool you would configure the tool with the same range that all the plots share.

Thanks I will try this - but how can multiple plots share a common x-axis like in the example?

@johann-petrak Sorry, I interpreted “share the x-axis” in the OP to refer to linked axes. You can pass x_axis_location=None to the figure to omit a visible axis. This example may be instructive:

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Well, I forgot that example uses the lower level bokeh.models API directly. It still may be instructive, but there are lots of others that set x_axis_location you can grep for.

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Thanks that is helpful, I will try to figure out how I can achieve what I need with all the pointers you gave to me!

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