How to create a scatter plot in Bokeh?

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I am neck-deep in a data visualization project, and I’m hitting a snag with Bokeh. I can whip up basic plots no problem, but creating a live scatter plot that updates with streaming sensor data is beyond my current skills.

While I’m familiar with Bokeh, real-time updates are new territory for me. Any tips on the best way to tackle this? Are there resources or examples out there that showcase how to achieve this?

In particular, I’m keen to learn how to efficiently update the plot as fresh data rolls in and avoid any performance headaches.
I also check this resource: But I have not found any solution.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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There’s different ways this could be approached and it will really depend on the particulars of your use case. How much data is being updates, at what rate? Where is the data coming from? If the origin of the data can “push” the data then a server-sent data source could be an option. If you need the plot page to “pull” the data then an ajax data souce would make more sense. If this is in the context of a Bokeh server application then you can use any Python means to ge the data and update a column data source to update the plots. More information is needed to give specific advice.