How to disable scientific notation on tooltips?

My data is like

product_id sale_count yhat pred_count ape1 ape2 acc1 acc2 product_name product_code
08aa39d5-97a8-4367-a90c-29cab50f4121 17442 19112.0 18167.1 0.04157 0.09575 95.84 90.43 银祥日本豆腐 2000444


    ('acc', '@acc2%'),('name', '@product_name'), ('code', '@product_code'), ('id', '@product_id'),('sc', '@sale_count'), ('pc', '@yhat')], )

Some points plot normal number/float , but some are not, like this :


Directly print this dataframe would not show scientific notation too, why bokeh burn daylight ?

('pc', '@yhat{0.00}') can make right result, but I don’t understand why should I write this .

Please see the documentation:

a basic numeric format is vague, I couldn’t expect bokeh print scientific-notation .
Float number 19112.0 is a basic numeric format for me , need print 19112.0. As pandas do .

If you’d like to make a Pull Request to update the docs, the files to change are here:“a+basic+numeric+format”&unscoped_q=“a+basic+numeric+format”