how to draw glyphs over & between Plots?

Hi, I have created a set of Figures in a Bokeh gridplot(). Each Figure
just uses the plotting api (quad, line, etc). I posted a screenshot

I am aware Bokeh does not offer anything like sub-plots or
super-plots, so does not support drawing between plots. (please
correct if I am wrong).

I need to draw interconnection lines between each pair of sub-plots
(left and right wise).

Can Plots be composited (overlayed), so for example maybe the
interconnection lines could just be in a new Figure on top of the
gridplot() shown? How would one do that?

If that is not possible, then the only other possible solution I can
think of, is making some kind of custom Model, which uses the bokehjs
library (or maybe some other graphics library) on the browser side, to
overlay a new Figure on top of the gridplot, to draw the apparent
connections. I would need to translate the bokeh coordinates into
screen space. Is there an easy way in the Bokeh API to discover the
canvas coordinates, given a particular entity in a a plot, or given
the plot's x-y coordinates?

I am open to any suggestions or advice, too. Thanks,


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