How to extend Bokeh to create new custom Glyph models possibliy composed of existing glyphs ?

Hi everyone,
I’m a bit new to Bokeh, I would like to make an OHLC chart (not the candlestick one), and I was wondering what is the best way to achieve it ?

I first though to use three time segment but isn’t it a bit hacky ? (of course in the documentation, this technique is already used to achieve the candlesticks).

That led me to wonder how would one create a new glyph model ? I looked a bit into the javascript sources, but it look rather complicate and I’m not sure how to start… (while for now, I just need to compose some provided glyphs).

Also, since it doesn’t seem to be documented further, I guess other people could need to create new glyphs from scratch, and would like a starting point, and some information on what to do on the JS side to do it properly (supporting if the mouse over is it for example, like other built-in glyphs)