How to increase font size of choropleth map color bar?

I’m struggling to increase the font size of the colorbar and I can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere. Could someone please advise? Below is the code that I am using the plot my geospatial figure. I’ve tried playing around with the legend formatters but those don’t do anything

p = df.plot_bokeh(simplify_shapes=10,
hovertool_columns=[“CFSAUID”, “y”, “z”],
figsize = (800,800),

@jbcc the plot_bokeh API is part of the Pandas-Bokeh project which is a separate project that is not maintained by anyone on the Bokeh team. I don’t know that anyone here has much or any expertise with it. You might have better luck asking the author directly on their GitHub:

GitHub - PatrikHlobil/Pandas-Bokeh: Bokeh Plotting Backend for Pandas and GeoPandas

Otherwise, all I can note is that Bokeh Colorbar objects have a title_text_font_size property that you can set to a new font size, e.g. "20pt".

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ll give it a try there.