How to link the ranges of multiple json_item plots?

I have a webpage that loads multiple individual bokeh embedded plots via json_item

Is there a way I can link the x_ranges of these plots?

The documentation only describes how to do this in python if producing a single page by sharing ranges. However it doesn’t quite cover how to do this for embedded plots.

Thanks in advance.

In order to link anything at all, all the Bokeh objects need to be in the same Bokeh document, which will not be the case with multiple separate calls to json_item. If you can put all the plots into one Bokeh layout, and pass that top-level layout to json_item to embed, then that could work. Otherwise, if you need to put plots in different places in your own template, or something like that, then I think you will have to use components instead, which allows you to pass several Bokeh plots/objects, but have them be part of the same Bokeh document.

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