How to make Log Axis (on 2nd Y-axis) have bigger distances between ticks

So I’m trying to create a plot with BokehJS. This plot needs 3 axes (left, right, bottom):
The plot looks like this

As you can see, the right y-axis is pretty ugly, you can’t read any data from towards the bottom as the tickers are bunched up.
How can I make the tickers equidistant from each other while keeping it as a log scale?

This is how im creating my plot and lines

const plot = Bokeh.Plotting.figure({
                    title: 'Example of random data',
                    tools: "pan,wheel_zoom,box_zoom,reset,save",
                    toolbar_location: "right",
                    toolbar_sticky: false,
                    height: 450,
                    width: 700,
                    outerWidth: 800,
                    legend_location: "top_left",
                    x_range: xdr,
                    y_range: ydr,
                    x_axis_label: "Offset Frequency (Hz)",
                    y_axis_type: "linear",
                    y_axis_label: "Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)",
                    extra_y_ranges: {y2_range}
//Add the second y axis on the right
const second_y_axis = new Bokeh.LogAxis({y_range_name:"y2_range", axis_label:'Vibration Profile (g^2/Hz)', x_range: xdr});

plot.add_layout(second_y_axis, "right");

// add line for vibraiton phase noise
plot.line({ field: "x" }, { field: "y" }, {
    source: source,
    line_width: 2,
    line_color: "red",
    legend_label: "Phase Noise under Vibrations"
//add line for static phase noise
plot.line({ field: "x" }, { field: "y" }, {
    source: source1,
    line_width: 2,
    line_color: "blue",
    legend_label: "Static Phase Noise"

plot.line({ field: "x" }, { field: "y" }, {
    source: source2,
    line_width: 2,
    line_color: "green",
    legend_label: "Transmissibillity"

My question is, how would I be able to make it so that the right y-axis displays better? Preferably I want each tick to be the same distance from each other (ie. space between 10^0 and 10^1 is the same as space between 10^1 and 10^2)

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Hi @mrblue6ix, if you must cross-post questions in different forums (e.g. StackOverflow), we appreciate if you add cross-links everywhere, so that future users can always get to an answer, regardless of where they find find the question.

As I replied there, at this point I would need a complete Minimal Reproducible Example to run directly in order to investigate why the second axis is ending up with a linear scale instead of the log scale requested.

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for the reply. I’ve posted an example on the stackoverflow post. I also added the link in each post


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