How to make the date slider increment by month or another interval instead of days? My data has a date once a month and the date slider going past every day of the month isn't suitable

As the title says I’ve got data of this kind of DD/MM/YYYY format: 1/1/2019 …1/2/2019 …1/3/2019

And the date slider increments by 01 Jan 2019 … 02 Jan 2019 … 03 Jan 2019, but I’d like it to go from 01 Jan 2019 … 01 Feb 2019 … 01 Mar 2019.

I thought this might be able to be done via the step argument but it only accepts int values and the number of days per month vary.

Could someone please help me understand how I might be able to change this?

Also, the data I have is only relevant for that month and I would ideally not show the date of that month at all (as 01 Jan 2019 refers to all of Jan 2019). Is it possible to hide the DD format in the date slider?

Thanks for the help!

I am afraid there is not any way to do this with the current built-in date slider. There is a step property you can set, but the interval between the same date in different months is not constant, so that will not be sufficient. I think a custom extension of some sort if probably the only immediate-term option.

Ah, that’s a pity. I think custom extensions are a bit beyond me for now.

I’ve built a workaround where I’ve got a slider that selects period 1-24 (of months). The tooltips show the appropriate period in month and I’m trying to figure out how to have a small bit of text show in this tooltip info of any of the filtered datum (they all have the same period) next to or ideally within the slider so viewers know what they’ve selected. Even better would be to put it within the slider title. Problem is I have no idea how to approach this. Any ideas?

Maybe a column with a Div above the slider? A CustomJS calback could update the text in the Div to reflect the current state.