How to make the x and y-axis data from the csv file

I am trying to make my x and y-axis plot to extract the data from my csv file instead of 1,2,3,…,7 which is not meaningful. How can I do it?

> from bokeh.plotting import figure, show
> data = pd.read_csv(amtsaved.csv')
> data.head()
> # create a new plot with a title and axis labels
> p = figure(title="amt saved", x_axis_label="year", y_axis_label="year")
> # add a line renderer with legend and line thickness
> p.line(x, y, legend_label="amt saved", line_width=2)
> # show the results
> show(p)

Hi @unleashed there is not enough information here to offer any guidance. Specifically, you really need to provide a small sample of the actual so we can see what format it is in to begin with.

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