How to manipulate the javascript from bokeh's side (Ion range slider manipulating interval)

Like this example:

I want to use manipulating interval on ion range-slider. Anyone can help me?

I don’t really understand what exactly it is you want to accomplish or have happen from this description.

Like this picture.

We can drag the interval on slider

You can see in the example code you linked, where the TypeScript extension code calls


That is what creates and configures the actual Ion Range Slider object.

You will need to put whatever Ion Range Slider configuration options you want to use inside opts, in your own version of this code. What those configuration options are is a question specific to IonRangeSlider, however, not really a Bokeh question. As a guess, from your image, it might be that case that you just need to add drag_interval: true to opts. But again, that’s just a guess. For definitive answers to Ion Range Slider questions, the appropriate place is that project’s docs/tracker/forum.

Thanks, i will try :smiley:

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There is an error

And my code :

From that error "mixed indentation" my best guess is that you are mixing tabs and spaces and that the TypeScript compiler does not like that. AFAIK the linked code is all spaces, you you might configure your editor for soft-tabs, or else indent manually with the space bar.

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It works :blush: thanks

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