how to plot plot multiple columns of a dataframe as bars with charts.Bar?


I can not get my head around how to plot multiple columns as bars, for instance using the autompg example data which looks like this:

mpg cyl displ hp weight accel yr origin name
0 18 8 307 130 3504 12.0 70 1 chevrolet chevelle malibu
1 15 8 350 165 3693 11.5 70 1 buick skylark 320
2 18 8 318 150 3436 11.0 70 1 plymouth satellite

How to plot bars of cyl, mpg and accel for each car name (the groups would be cyl, mpg and accel with each car name inside these groups) on a single bar chart?


from bokeh.charts import Bar, output_file, show
from bokeh.sampledata.autompg import autompg as df

df=df.iloc[:10, :]

how to modify this:

p = Bar(df, label=‘name’, values=[‘cyl’, ‘mpg’, ‘accel’], title=‘mpg cyl accel for each car name’)


Thanks for any help in advance!
I am using bokeh 10.0.