How to refresh and image saved static url?


I am creating a plot and saving it as an image into static paste inside my app.
The first time it runs, everything works fine. However if I want to show a new image with different data, even though the image is saved in the same url, the interface is not able to show it.

How can I keep refreshing/updating my image when a button is pressed? (the code is inside the button and it works fine)

x_range = (0, 3000) # could be anything - e.g.(0,1)
y_range = (0,500)
signal_plot = figure(x_range=x_range, y_range=y_range)

def plot():
h_plot.savefig(’/horiz_interface/static/new_horizon_plot.png’, bbox_inches=‘tight’)
img_path = ‘horiz_interface/static/new_horizon_plot.png’

signal_plot.image_url(url=[img_path], x=1, y=1, w=3000, h=409, anchor=“bottom_left”)

button.on_click(lambda: plot())

l = layout([signal_plot, button])

I’m sorry, I’m new in bokeh and I want to build an interactive plot interface!

Thank you in advance!