How to remove separator lines (x axis with nested categories)

I’ve successfully created a Bokeh bar chart with nested categories by following the examples at the official bokeh site (

However, despite a thorough review of all the styling attributes and how they work, I simply cannot find the attribute name or location for a specific part of the visual-- the light grey lines appearing between the nested categories on the x-axis. I’m familiar with how to modify the visuals in my python code that generates the bar chart: the issue is that I can’t figure out what attribute, if any, pertains to these specific lines!

Please see the included image: I have circled in red one of the (multiple) separation lines that I do not want to display. Why? Because in my bar chart, the labels (e.g. ‘2015’ in the example image) are much longer words, which results in them overlapping with the vertical separators, resulting in a messy and cluttered display.

EDIT: I’m having trouble linking an image, please check out my (identical) post at Stack Overflow, which displays the image, thanks!

CategoricalAxis models have separator_ line properties, e.g. separator_line_alpha could be set to zero.

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Thanks Bryan, that worked – specifically, plot.xaxis.separator_line_alpha = 0 results in the separators getting removed. Cheers!