How to run multiple python scripts to plot graphs using same bokeh server

I have a web based dashboard application (Django) where users should able to draw multiple interactive plots. For example plot1: realtime streaming plot and plot2: line plot of a timeseries data with date ranger slider.
For this I have two independent python script files ( and based on the selection input I may have to either of the two or both.
Can this be done?.

I tried running the scripts on terminal with command, bokeh serve --show it worked but when run the second script bokeh serve --show I am getting the following error about the port already in use.

2020-06-25 15:21:38,608 Starting Bokeh server version 1.4.0 (running on Tornado 6.0.4)
2020-06-25 15:21:38,609 Cannot start Bokeh server, port 5006 is already in use

So what is the solution?
How to run multiple bokeh plots on a single bokeh server?
How can terminate particular plot from the server using UI to draw fresh plot?