How to update a title from bokehJS

I have prepared an example to explore that feature I am looking to implement:
change a title once the plot has been drawn

Also looking how to activate the wheel_zoom at the initialisation as it is possible with

active_scroll: “wheel_zoom”,

Please play with:

Controling font_size seems not possible as well.
title.text_font_size = "10px";

Offhand, seems like a bug, since plot.title = "new title" should be all that’s needed. Maybe @mateusz can chime in.

Same for controls on style of title that have no effect.

plot.title.text_font_size = "10px";

Unfortunately neither title nor any of its properties are currently being listened to for changes.

Activate the wheel_zoom by default is crudely missing.
Tested with last 1.4.0.