How to use bokeh.sphinxext

trying to include Bokeh plots in my own Sphinx HTML documentation as shown here.

I tried to find an extension (a Sphinx extension to be more precise), so that the directive type “bokeh-plot” is understood in my own Sphinx documentation. But there is no such thing… or am I wrong?

So I guess I misunderstood this paragraph:

It’s part of the Bokeh package itself. Have you added bokeh.sphinxext.bokeh_plot to the extensions list in your

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Hi, Bryan, thanks for your response.

Yesterday I did not enter the string bokeh.sphinxext.bokeh_plot into the extension list in

Now that I know, that this is the string to enter - I did enter it. And it works! So that the problem is solved.

Yesterday I was looking for what the correct string could be e.g. here… And since I found nothing about this extension on the internet (except for on the bokeh-Website itself), I thought, that I might have misunderstood something…

So, thanks again. :slight_smile:

sphinx-contrib is just a random assortment of sphinx extensions whose authors have decided to ask for their inclusion in sphinx-contrib. It is unlikely that the Bokeh sphinx extensions will ever be added to sphinx-contrib, because there is no benefit for us to undertake all the work that would be required to move it there. In any case, we document it on because it is part of the Bokeh project, but have no control over what anyone else might (or might not) say about it on the wider internet.

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