i get multiple values for one data point using the hovertool

Removing ‘hover’ from TOOLS should help


On Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 5:21:38 PM UTC+1, ibrahim hersi wrote:

I am able to plot my data into a map. However, once i hover over to the point in the map using the HoverTool i get (index, scale and data) behind my actual value (name:Ekonomikum). Is there a way to remove (index, scale and data) this or disable it. I have attached a photo for illustrations and snippet of the hoverTool code .

TOOLS = “pan,wheel_zoom,hover,reset”

p = figure(title=“OSM restaurants”, tools=TOOLS, match_aspect=True, x_axis_location=None, y_axis_location=None, active_scroll=‘wheel_zoom’)

p.grid.grid_line_color = None


r2=p.circle(‘x’, ‘y’,color=‘red’, source=source, legend=‘Resturant’,fill_alpha=0.6, size=6)

r3=p.circle(‘x’, ‘y’, source=Psource, legend=‘University’,fill_alpha=0.6, size=10)

tooltips = [ (‘Name’, ‘@name’),(‘Cuisine’, ‘@cuisine’),(‘Avg Wtr demand’, ‘799 m3’)]

tooltipss = [ (‘Name’, ‘@name’)]

p.add_tools(HoverTool(renderers=[r2], tooltips= tooltips ))

p.add_tools(HoverTool(renderers=[r3], tooltips=tooltipss))