Identifying users / Ping to see if tool is running

Hi all!

I am making multiple tools to be run by multiple admin users on a local server.
I want to make a page that displays all the links to the tools and shows the active connections. This way, users can see if their version of the tool (session) is live, and if the tool is live at all. The tools get stopped and restarted a lot so it’s hard to know if your session is connected otherwise.

I have tried something like bokeh/examples/howto/server_auth at branch-3.0 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub to get the session_id, but it’s not ideal, as I can’t get the actual username, or any fixed identifier of who the user is. My idea then was to write in a dummy file ‘ping_{user}.txt’ for each tool so that my main tool can see the last ping for each.

Is there any known way to make any of this easier or cleaner, or overall better ?
Any way to see when the session is disconnected from the non-host-user perspective ?

Thanks a lot


There’s never been any real ask for anything like this and there has definitely never been any concrete requirements collection, so no work has ever been undertaken. I can see the utility of a status request or page, or in extending the current auth hooks to update session metadata. But this is also one of those areas that really needs clear requirements, scope, and consideration (e.g. especially around access/permissions) to make sure lots of effort is not wasted implementing the wrong thing. I would say feel free to open a GitHub Issue but please be aware that the best chance for any movement on this is if someone with an actual real use-case decides to actively and heavily collaborate on the effort.

Thanks for your answer, I see.
I would definitely consider working on this but I don’t know much about servers.
In the meantime, I’ll stick to my shaky solution.
Thanks for developing Bokeh, it truly is an awesome tool. I’ll try and contribute where I can

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